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A guide about nowadays communism

A guide about nowadays communism The world today is a diverse place, we can never know what the next person may believe in, and judgment leads us nowhere. Though the world is quite advanced these days, it isn’t quite the safest place yet, and people still are fighting among each other on topics like religion and boundary. It is also quite relevant that people have some kind of political inclination to go with their thoughts regarding the world and society. Though most countries follow socialism or capitalism of one kind of or other still some countries are left who have a communist regime in them.   Communism in today’s world:   Communism is dissipating as the new Capitalist countries are taking hold of the world. They are more forward moving than the communist countries who mostly believe in having a tight grasp on their citizens. Still, some communist countries still exist like:   China is the biggest communist country that remains today and holds quite a lot of power today. They are the largest manufacturer of electronics goods and has a huge market that serves the world. The country has changed much from Mao’s time and has been mingling with the west, but they also have a strict regime in China. North Korea is also among the last remaining communist countries. The Korean War cost them a lot, and they have problems still now. Kim family rules over Korea, and they also own nuclear power and have problems with powerful countries. Cuba is still following the glory of communism with them as it had Castro as a leader. But the youth is drawn towards development, and often they go on to the USA. Cuba often has problems with the USA, and they are still trying to come to balance. Vietnam got a blow during the Vietnam War, but they have been recovering ever since as a communist country and is trying to get over the problems of inequality and poverty. It helps its fellow communist country of Laos.   Communism doesn’t live up to its glory as most communist countries are poverty-stricken, overpopulated and have many problems. They often get into unnecessary squabbles among other countries. But the youth of today are thinking much more about the ideas of communism conveyed by Marx and are brainstorming about equality of money and power which is still a dream today.