Team battles, character upgrade and many more things in Arena of Valor


Arena of Valor game allows the player to show his or her talent of war. Not only the game starts with joining team of at least five players to knock down the foes but also player can also upgrade his characters. Player of the game forms a team or joins the team of different characters of the game to mitigate the enemies by finding them out.

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Free of cost to play

The game has several versions to play for free of cost. Also player is able to generate resources with arena of Valor battle game.

Easy to handle and control

The game of Arena of Valor is easy to handle and control that a new player can also play it and have expertise with the advancement of game.

Intense PVP Battles and Single player campaign

The game of Arena of Valor provides the player variety to play this game. Single player campaign earns higher rewards for the player whereas intense PVP battles test skills of the player. 1 on 1, 3 on 3 and 5v5 matches against other players can also be played.

Character upgrade and playable characters

The game has Warriors, supports, Assassins, Marksmen, Tanks and Mages races to play as well as more than 40 playable characters. Player is also able to upgrade them time to time. That is possible only by earning experience points of the game. The number of battles played by the player the more rewards and experience cards can be earned. Do not forget the function of Arena of Valor Hack 2019 to be used.